Ashburn Eng Founder and Creative Director
Ashburn loves adding his daydreams into his work. Infusing illusions to create artistic fashion. Why not? Fashion has always been an instinctive thing; from young he would doodle, keep inspirational swatches and make things by hand. Loves styling as it presents an opportunity for a complete process; taking an idea, researching, building on that idea, refining it and eventually working on the shoot.

Enjoys wearing genderless specific clothes like Matthew Ames. Ashburn is more inclined to japanese designers like Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, Rei Kawakubo. The 'Japonaiserie' movement made a big impact on contemporary fashion, the inventive shapes and monochrome tones, shook the fashion industry.

Loves horror movies as they create extreme feelings of fear and tension- he enjoys putting those emotions into his styling as well. Shoes that are used in fashion are highly inspirational to Ashburn, and often they become his muses. The impossible height, the uncomfortable feeling, the difficulty and danger of walking in them challenges all models in composure, facial expression and self control. It is slightly sadistic, but he does get ecstatic looking at those heels.

Larry Yeo Beauty Editor
Larry moved from biotechnology to face painting, many many many years ago. He felt more inspired by the surrounds of life than a petri dish of bacteria.

Enjoys going on holidays (overindulging, is more likely the word). Loves the few minutes when the sun breaks the sky in the very early morning, the warm hues of sunsets over the horizons.

Finds stimuli from the works of Kabuki, Pat McGrath, Peter Philips (and hopes to learn from them) and of course, the late Kevin Aucoin. Hates badly formulated skincare and encourages all never to moisturise in equatorial humid weather. Suggests that if your makeup artist does not know how to deal with your single eyelid beauty, it is time to change to better one. Feels that Bobbi Brown is spot on about her quote of "There are no ugly women, only lazy ones".

May Lin Le Goff Contributing Editor and Photographer
May is fascinated with all things weird and alternative, and is completely obsessed with peanut butter. Unwilling to conform to the ideal ideas of beauty, May aims to create images with a dark and moody sting. Inspired by the works of Nick Knight, Camilla Akrans and Chen Man Er, she sees each shoot is an avenue to push things further into the unknown. The thrill of capturing that fleeting moment is highly addictive.

When not shooting (or planning to shoot), you're most likely not to find her anywhere but at home, snuggled with a book and a mug of hot chocolate.

Shirley Ong Web Designer
Shirley likes drawing random comic strips, inspired from her many peculiar dreams. Seems like there isn't enough time in her day to be creative. Ideas are overflowing at full mast that even in her sleep she thinks about work.

She loves her current position as a freelance interactive art director too well to move back to a deskbound job. Enjoys doodling with wacom or the traditional pen and paper. Also enjoys bits of photography.

Her previous clientele list from MTV Asia & Nickelodeon, Samsung, Starhub, Standard Chartered Bank, LTA, MOH & Heineken. In her spare time to keep herself sane, she finds relief through Rock 'n' Roll music and plays in a band named "Midnight Marvel".

Shanna Matthew Goh Fashion Co-ordinator and Styling Associate
Shanna holds a Diploma in Fashion Design, and is into wicca and all that full moon jazz. She enjoys watching her cat's daily behaviour and realises that the observations calms her down. Had her eyebrows bleached to lessen her degree of facial expression to add focus on her darkly coloured eye makeup (it is also interesting to watch people's reaction and interaction).

Loves the 80's, tho she can barely remember it. Klaus Nomi is her favourite 80's icon and highly reckon it is a vital for anyone. Read the beautiful lyrics to songs written by Klaus Nomi and be moved by the words, she says. Enjoys incorporating subculture looks (e.g. goth, punk) into what she wears. Is in love with designs from Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh and Alexander McQueen.

Luth Seah Zhiqiang Contributing Writer
Fashion blogger who comes from a traditional, conservative family. Was brought up to assume fashion is just unreachable luxury. Thank goodness, curiosity brought him searching for more information which in turn educated him with the many layers and complexity of the industry.

With such exploration, his personal style changed. His aesthetics appreciation escalated.  His constant cravings for more knowledge and self expression started him on his blog TraiT. With his blog launched, he found himself amongst friends whose ideas he identified and shared common ground with.

Wearable clothes bores Luth. He sees fashion as a form of art and adores clothes by amazing "clothing sculptors" like Hussein Chalayan, Tierry Mugler, Viktor & Rolf, and Alexander Mcqueen (to name some). He adores works from Tim Walker, Willy Vanderperre, Nick Knight, Solve Sundsbo, Olivier Rizzo, Lucinda Chambers and Panos Yiapanis. In his spare time, he spans the internet looking for fresh young underrated talents.

Charles Rezandi Contributing Graphic Artist
Since young, Charles has been a visual enthusiast. He loves to mix and match various things outside the normal elements and work into his inspirations.

He has worked in Indonesia, Australia and Singapore, having gone from graphics to set design, visual merchandising to art direction, even marketing to outsourcing. Various hats to experience all aspects of creativity and outlets for work. It is his passionate drive in every job he undertakes to make sure he has found various angles and approaches that produce the final results.

Charles currently is keeping himself busy with various projects from local designers, personalities and local establishments.