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November 18th, 2010 Comments off



Your wrath lashes out and belted at me in its flow,
It is all too familiar but you never hold back.
I writhe in your accusations and take in all the pain,
Embracing it all like it has been my fault.
Permitting the batter as it blankets me,
Allowing the torment to seep out like Ectoplasm.

The Team

Photography / Soon Tong
Fashion Direction / Ashburn Eng
Hair & Make-up / Chris Ruth (Muse b’Art)
Model / Marana B & Jana K (Upfront Models
Text / Luth Seah Zhiqiang
Styling Assistance & Outfits By / Shanna Matthew
Location / Courtesy of Singapore Sports Council

Tragic Beauty

September 8th, 2009 Comments off

Photography /
Soon Tong
Fashion Direction / Ashburn Eng
Model / Svetlana M (Upfront)
Make-up and Hair / Chris Ruth
Words / Wong Kee Soon
Styling Assistance / Shanna MatthewTragedy seldom escapes the beautiful. And great loves seem to attract madness and grief. Ophelia was a young, hopeless romantic; she was a fleeting presence in the love life of Hamlet. She loved him to no end, clinging to the memories of wild romance and the warmth of his skin. She made it her duty to love him, like no other woman could, and she would even face death to prove her longing adoration. Through her eyes, his insane love for her was irreplaceable. Her vulnerability and sacrifice stems from her heart.

It wasn’t long before she became no more than a scorned muse to men, called upon for the comforts of her luscious red lips and magnetising pale flesh. Her emotional innocence and quest for acceptance witnessed her escalating downfall: prostituted by her father, and abused and mocked by men for her sexual knowledge. She knew Death rescinded her humiliations. And Death is never judgmental.

She chose to drown – a baptism with the promise of renewal. In her flawless sheer dress worn with a timeless naivety, she submerged into the moment with grace and without struggle. Her lifeless body floated into oblivion as she left with the memories of being part of the greatest love she ever knew.

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