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Interview with Singapore accessories designer Aaron Kao & ViVi Lim (Vice & Vanity)

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Debuting in 2006, Singaporean accessories label Vice & Vanity constantly brings you quirky and whimsical pieces using an eclectic mix of textures, materials and colours that have captured the hearts of women. Aaron Kao & Vivi Lim, founders and designers of the label are two of the most recognisable names in local fashion scene. Here at TSG we find out about the self taught and almost accidental design duo behind this ever-growing brand. Over the years, they have collaborated with fashion labels that include Alldressedup, Baylene and Nicholas. Read and enjoy as the Duo share how they discovered their interest in accessories design, and all things that is VV in our exclusive interview! By Luth Seah Zhiqiang


TSG: Share with us the chemistry of working as a duo, and what are your roles behind the teamwork?

We have the advantage of excellent chemistry between us and our ideas compliment each other. We don’t appoint fixed roles as we are both very involved every step of the way, and with this synergy we also keep a look out for each other in the work process.

TSG: How did you two met each other, and share with us how was the formation of Vice & Vanity initiated?

We met through a common friend and became a couple before the label was created. We had our day jobs then and were making accessories for creativity expression and friends. Soon a friend who opened a boutique invited us to design a small collection for sale. It did well and it great from there.

TSG: What do you most like about the age we live in?


TSG: Could you describe how were the accessories made? What is your production process like?

We started with the colours exploration, followed by a period of sketching and prototype making. Currently we are on the most part self sufficient and the designs are hand made with a certain degree of machined assistance. We like to keep it part artisanal and part guerrilla industrialization.

TSG: The materials and form applied to your accessories seems to be unconventional, are there any ideology behind them? How did you source them out?

Frankly I would say we do not possess conventional skills. We do not start with any idealogy. It generally all came together with exploration of designs.

TSG: Aaron- You were from a fine arts background, what made you switch to accessories design, and why?

I have never switched. It is another medium that I found interesting and accessible to connect with a wider audience. Much more than I can with a painting. On the surface it seems like I have abandoned my roots but I disagree. It is still the same creative expression, and of course I would definitely paint again if I had the time and space!

TSG: What made you both decide to get into fashion? Have you always been interested in it?

Like we mentioned it was all by chances.
We have a love-hate relationship with fashion.
We would like to see our work in the broader sense of design eventually, rather than just being a fashion label. Most importantly we want to maintain the fun element while designing.

TSG: Where does the label’s name come from?

It came from a song and was recommanded by a friend. We thought it was appropriate.

TSG: Besides platforms like Singapore Fashion Festival to create awareness, what kind of support do you feel home grown labels need?

Everyone will have differing opinions on what that support should be. We feel it is most important to have a good product. A good product will generate awareness by itself. Home grown labels have to carve out their own groove to be as self sufficient as they can before expecting any support. Or it will be frustrating when that support fails to deliver any result.

TSG: What is your biggest vice?

We all have our dark secrets……don’t we? Sshhhhhh…


Vice & Vanity Studio 4B Smith Street Singapore 059818 (by appointment only)
Inhabit @ Mandarin Gallery, #02-16, 33A ORCHARD ROAD, Singapore 23897
Nicholas @ Marina Square, #02-323, 6 Boulevard, Singapore 039594
Hide & Seek @ 176 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068624


Interview with Singapore veteran fashion designer Keith Png

April 20th, 2010 Comments off


Photo: XiaXue wearing bespoke wedding dress by Keith Png


The Interview

Not only appearing in countless local shows featuring fashion design and styling, not many local designers get to own a celebrity status like Keith Png. The owner of boutique Hide & Seek (which has recently relocated to 176 Telok Ayer Street) Keith has proven himself not just any designer or stylist, but also an entrepreneur with an ambitious mind.

In our exclusive interview with the veteran designer, Keith gave us a peek into the local celebrity circle, as well as his most recent collaboration for local blogger XiaXue’s wedding dress. By Luth Seah Zhiqiang 



Test Shoot Gallery (TSG): What was the idea behind the opening of your boutique Hide & Seek?

Keith Png (KP) : “Seeking the best in hiding”.  



TSG: Tell us more about the reason behind the shift of location?

KP: That’s the idea of Hide & Seek! I want to constantly relocate my hiding place so that my customers can experience other unexpected discovery while seeking for us in Singapore.



TSG: You recently designed the wedding dress for local blogger Xiaxue. Tell us more of the process, the inspiration behind the dress, and why she is a good representative of a Keith Png wedding dress?

KP: It was fun working with Xiaxue. At the back of my mind, I expected her request to be over-the-top, something extra-glamorous. But after much discussion, I realised that her idea was to look pretty, and was really open to my design suggestions.

She eventually came up with a mafia theme for the wedding, which gave me the idea of a Marilyn Monroe-inspired pouf mini dress for her.

Xiaxue knew exactly what she wanted and she trusted me to deliver. A good representative of a Keith Png dress is a confident woman.



TSG: Although you have impressive celebrity clients, you stock some underrated designers in your boutiques. Is it important to you to be supportive of young talents?

KP: Yes of course, I have been through times of being underrated myself, and so I know how it is like not being able to find a retail outlet as a supporting platform.



TSG: Who would be your ultimate muse in terms of styling?

KP: Madonna or her daughter Lourdes :)



TSG: How would our describe the style of Singaporean women?

KP: Casual.



TSG: What are the key accessories that you would not leave home without?

KP: Blackberry, my Corum watch, and my Bvlgari ring.



TSG: Unlike most designers and entrepreneurs, who spend most of the time behind the scene, you are featured in a lot of shows and interviews. Has it been more helpful or more pressurizing?

KP: Both. The exposure has strengthened my profile which has helped me in terms of gaining more recognition and professional respect from the public. However, it is also pressurizing as I’ll have to be more “well-behaved” when I am in the public eye.



TSG: Since you have been mostly based in Singapore, how has it inspired or affected your designing works?

KP: Factors such as Singapore’s tropical weather affect my designs to a certain degree, and how women like functionality in their apparels inspires me to create more dresses with no frills.



TSG: You have a great following from local celebrities, why do you think you have so much celebrity fans?

KP: I have been told that I am approachable and helpful.



TSG: What are some of your most memorable times throughout your career so far (e.g first dress, first celebrity styling, awards, etc)?

KP: I must say, my first involvement in the local TV program Channel ‘U’, Fashion Asia, really gave me lots of happy memories. It was my first time hosting and a really good opportunity to learn more about the fashion scene in Asia. I had so much fun with all the fatastic co-hosts who were kind and patient with me.

Being involved in some of the greatest moments of celebrities’ big day like Fann Wong and Xiaxue’s Registry of Marriage, Joi Chua and Kym Ng’s wedding. As well as being able to travel overseas to attend to my client with VIP treatment.



TSG: What do you foresee the future of our local fashion scene?

KP: As the current youth are all fashion, Internet, and business savvy, I would say that it looks promising.



TSG: Your thoughts about avant-garde fashion in Singapore? Do Singaporeans just accept wearability?

KP: How avant-garde can we be in Singapore? It is a question of lifestyle, do we have that kind of life style that allow us to dress avant-gardish?? No, we don’t.


TSG: In terms of fashion, which countries/cities do you think relates to Keith Png the most? And why?

KP: Can’t really put my hands on a specific reason, but I really love the fashion in Berlin.



TSG: What exactly is fashion in the eyes of keith png?

KP: Frivolous.



TSG: Thank you for this wonderful conversation.

: You’re Welcome.


Keith Png
Hide & Seek
XiaXue’s Blog

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