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Paper Couture

October 14th, 2009 Comments off


The Team

Photography / Soon Tong
Fashion & Creative Direction / Ashburn Eng
Model / Weronika H (Ave. Management)
Hair, Bodypaint & Make-up / Chris Ruth
Text / Joyceline Tully
Assistant Designer / Shanna Matthew

From brown paper, toilet paper and tracing paper to old magazines and newspaper, this series is a nod to the sheer ubiquity of paper in urban life, and an indictment of its wanton waste.

But a little imagination and some assistance — in the form of gum tapes, raffia string, aluminum foil, cling wrap, egg trays, bubble wrap and last but not least, trash bags — go a long way in transforming rubbish into wearable art, a truly modern artefact, or what we like to call, paper couture.

With paper, you can scrunch it up to create crinkle effects, as well as twist, braid, weave, pleat and fold to achieve astonishing and remarkable shapes, details and texture.

In everyday life, many people treat paper thoughtlessly, mindlessly. There is some poetic justice then that recycling and rescuing used paper demand hard work and incredible thought. Ashburn Eng and his design assistant spent 2 weeks conceptualizing and experimenting with the designs and materials, and another 364 hours to complete the outfits. Each of the outfits were painstakingly put together through multiple fittings, piece by piece of recycled paper, commanding the attention to detail worthy of fashion’s best.

The Lady In The Moon

October 1st, 2009 Comments off


Love is real, love is lonely, love is true

The lady in the moon wishes all lovers and loners a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

Photography / Soon Tong
Fashion Direction and Milliner / Ashburn Eng
Model / Nadya (Upfront Models)
Make-up / Larry Yeo using M.A.C Cosmetics
Hair /
Jong for NEXT
Graphic Artist / Johnson Lee
Text / Joyceline Tully
Styling Assistance / Shanna Matthew
Shoes / Giuseppe Zanotti


Chang’e (??) sits alone in her icy palace on the moon, looking down at humanity. She has been waiting a long time. She misses her husband, Houyi (??), and she wonders when they will be reunited. She is pensive about her past, as she has been for many centuries. She is lonely without her husband and yearns to be with Hou Yi again. She looks out at a world beyond her reach. She sighs deeply as she contemplates her lost freedom.

The White Rabbit

September 28th, 2009 Comments off

May Lin Le Goff
Beauty Direction / Ashburn Eng
Model / Anu K (Upfront Models)
Make-up / Larry Yeo using M.A.C PRO Cosmetics
Hair /
Chris Ruth
Styling Assistance /Shanna Matthew

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